The HTA was created in order to organize and provide new and existing industry standards of excellence in the areas of audio and video home theater hardware and software design and implementation.


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The Home Theater Alliance
Established in 2003, the HTA is helping to promote sensible standards for the audio and video home theater community.

We help facilitate and promote standards for:

  • home theater websites
  • audio, video & data cables
  • audio components
  • video components
  • home theater furniture
  • and many more consumer products and services...

We do this by working with manufacturers and industry publications to distribute product and service reviews, disseminate objective measurements and engneering analysis of home theater equipment, and put out in-depth coverage of trade shows and technical articles across all Home Theater Alliance members.

The HTA maintains that a number of existing standards, such as HAA guidelines, ISF certification and THX certification are beneficial and seeks to supplemnt the industry with additional information and guidelines for acoustics, cable sciences, objective product evaluations and audits of popular CEDIA training classes and courses.

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